Product Care

Proper product care can help to ensure your frames & lenses last a long time. Have a repair question?

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Cleaning Quality Eyewear is important!  Simply rinse your glasses with water & mild soap (we use dish soap!) Rinse frames and dry with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. Some frames require special attention such as horn, wood, leather and jewels. See below for special care.

  • Don’t expose your lenses to extreme temperatures (i.e. hot or cold cars)
  • Avoid laying lenses face-down
  • Always use a micro-fiber cloth
HORN = Cream/Baby Oil + Micro-fiber

Eyewear made of water buffalo horn should be treated to maintain its radiance. Some brands will give you a special cream, and a suitable micro-fiber cloth. If the cream is not provided, baby oil works just as well. A thin layer of cream or oil should be regularly applied to the horn and polished gently with a soft cloth. With proper care, the gloss and beauty of the natural horn will last.

WOOD = Water + Micro-fiber

Wood frames are best cleaned with water and a microfiber cloth. The wood used for spectacles is sealed and has UV protection.  However, is a material that will naturally change over time.  This patina is inevitable and forms the individual character of the piece.

LEATHER = NO water!

Avoid water when possible. The use of a light leather cream is OK, but may change the color. Leather accents on eyewear will increase in character with age.