Protect your eyes this Summer with the right eyewear! When it comes to cycling glasses, there are many options. See below for what to consider before you buy:

  • Cycling eyewear should feel good on your face but is worn because it protects your eyes from harmful UV light and anything that might fly into your eyes, like bugs, mud, and especially dust.

  • Glasses designed for cycling will use tougher lenses and typically cover more of your face, providing better protection.

  • Varying light conditions, like going from the trees to the open, require interchangeable lenses or lenses that change on their own.

  • Photochromic lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight so you can use the same glasses in a range of conditions.

  • Eye Pieces of Vail offers almost all sport eyewear in prescription. We’re happy to call your doctor to get your prescription or we can even do a quick, on-site exam to get your Rx up-to-date.

What to look For

Wrap-around styles help cycling glasses sit closer to your face, and help to keep wind from hitting your eyes. Frames are lighter, as well as the lenses.


Fit is key.  Your cycling glasses will need to be comfortable with no pinch points or excessive tightness. They should be close to your face, but not so close that they’re hindering your vision. Many manufacturers, like Oakley and POC, offer styles with a narrow design or a women-specific fit. However you will find the majority of sport sunglasses are unisex and one-size-fits-all. It is important to try glasses on before buying to ensure good fit before you hit the road or trail.

Bianchi Falco glasses - worn

Adjusting Fit

Some sunglasses can be tailored slightly and have adjustable arms or nosepieces or rubber parts. You want the sunglasses to be stable. Rubber contact points will help the glasses stay put when you’re sweating. Usually, a sign of good fit is that you forget you’re wearing them when you’re cycling.

Arms can be flexible or rigid, Most are covered with a rubber material to give better grip while riding. When you’re trying on a pair of glasses, consider doing so with your helmet on. Nose pieces can either be fixed or adjustable, some glasses come with several differently sized rubber nosepieces so you can get the fit just right.


Lenses come in a huge range of tints and colours from dark black to protect your eyes in bright sunlight, to yellow for boosting contrast in poor light. Clear lenses are good for riding at night or stormy weather. Many glasses will come with an extra lens or can be purchased separately. If this is important to your glasses choice, be sure to get a protective case that either houses these lenses with your frames or a case that houses just the lenses.

Optilabs Switch eyewear 3

Some manufacturers make photochromic lenses that get lighter or darker according to the conditions. Before buying, just know that this technology is great, but the range they offer is more limited at present than specific lenses. For some this can be a useful and appealing alternative if you don’t want to have to worry about changing lenses.


Some lenses are vented or have an anti-fogging coating to help reduce fogging when you sweat. Some manufacturers apply a hydrophobic coating to help rain run off the glasses. You also want to make sure the lens has UVA and UVB protection. Some cycling sunglasses offer a prescription option, either with the sunglasses lenses made to your prescription or with clip-in lenses behind.


The price you can expect to pay for cycling sunglasses varies hugely. What does paying more money get you? The biggest difference is in the lens. The top-end glasses boast very high quality optics that provide exceptional clarity, and you often have a wider range of tints to choose from.

The extra money often gets you a lighter weight frame and often more fit adjustment. You can expect extras like spare lenses to suit different conditions, hard-shell cases to store them in as well as soft fabric bags cleaning the lenses and storing the glasses when they’re not in use.


Stop by any of Eye Pieces of Vail’s locations and let one of our opticians put you in the right frame, lens and price range for your day on your bike!

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