Shopping for sunnies or prescription eyeglasses isn’t always easy, but if you choose to browse where variety and style is a priority, the task can actually be fun.

This summer, Eye Pieces of Vail will offer the in-store, boutique experience they are known for, and they are also holding a series of trunk shows to highlight the width and variety of the brands they carry.

The in-store shows, held at various Eye Pieces stores throughout the valley, will showcase the multitude of offerings that the locations carry. It’s also an opportunity for frame and lens shoppers to have direct interaction with the brains behind each brand.

Mykita, Ray Ban, Oliver Peoples, Zero G, Costa Del Mar, Tag Heuer and Chrome Hearts are a few names on the lineup.

“The trunk shows create an opportunity for the consumer and the company to interact,” says Erin Beresniewicz, manager and buyer for Eye Pieces of Vail, “so the company gets feedback from consumer on what he or she likes or doesn’t like, and then the consumer takes valuable information away from the owner or the designer of the company.”

The trunk shows dive in even deeper to stories behind each line of optical accessories, giving each brand a time to shine.

“Each line is unique in its own way,” Erin explains, “so we are offering something for everyone. You will see different products at each show, so it’s worth coming to every show and scoping out the wide range of brands and styles Eye Pieces of Vail loves to work with, year after year.”

As a buyer for Eye Pieces of Vail, Erin says that when they are buying for the Vail Valley locations, they buy what they like and what they think might sell. At the trunk shows, however, the various vendors bring in everything that they carry — every color in every style, and pieces that don’t always make it to the Eye Pieces of Vail shelves.

“They always bring in special pieces that may not be in the store,” she added, “and some that are exclusive for the trunk show.”

Best Brands In Show

Shamballa, for example, is coming in August, and the brand (which started off as a jewelry company) is bringing the jewelry that never gets to glisten on the Eye Pieces displays. The company will also have their sunwear and optical collection at the trunk show.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable pair of glasses, Mykita will be bringing their current line and exclusive pairs of optical glasses and sunglasses to their trunk shows at the Vail Village and Lionshead stores on July 2 (see schedule below for details).

“This gives buyers the opportunity to see everything that comes from Germany,” shares Beresniewicz of the Mykita line, “and even things that are not in the United States yet. So that’s kinda fun, because there will be more unique pieces that might not be available to every retailer.”

Two European eyewear companies, Anne et Valentin and Theo, are from France and Belgium, respectively. The lines both are very colorful, fun and funky, but with conservative shapes. The Anne et Valentin show is set for Thursday, July 9 at the Vail Village store, and the Theo show will be in the same spot, on Thursday, July 16.

“They both have such a large selection, so it’s hard for us to show every piece,” Beresniewicz explains. “It’s just fun, because there are so many fun and creative pieces that we will have for the trunk shows — like works of art. With some of our lines, they will come with the newest released that aren’t available yet.”

Zero G and the company’s owner will be in town in Beaver Creek on Saturday, August 1, and he will be able to explain his design around the line’s patented, no-screw hinge. The line is great for the conservative business man, or for a woman who is looking for a comfortable and great looking pair of glasses.

“It’s really interesting when we have the trunk shows, because the brands are these people’s livelihoods – it’s their life, their passion, they live and breathe these products,” Beresniewicz adds.

For more high-end, yet sporty looks, check out Tag Heuer on August 1st & 2nd; August 8th & 9th in Vail Village and Beaver Creek, along with ic! berlin on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4 at the Bridge Street store, and Costa Del Mar the last weekend of August (more information to be announced soon).

Go for fashion with Oliver Peoples, Barton Perreira, Thierry Lasry and Tom Ford, all with trunk shows in the month of July, and Ray Ban and Tom Ford — lines that walk the edge between trendy and conservative. Ray Ban has shows in June, and Tom Ford, in July.