Colorado’s summer sun is rising in full force, and playing in the mountains means your eyes need extra protection.

Ultraviolet intensities increase with altitude, because the higher in elevation you get, the closer you are to the sun. According to research from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen out of Denver, the intensity increases at a rate of 6 percent per every one foot above sea level for the same latitude. So at 10,000 feet above sea level, the sun’s intensity increases by 60 percent.

This state gets at least 300 days of sunshine each year, on average. Your outdoor activity time may peak on bluebird days, making these sun and sweat fests the most vital occasions to protect your vision.

Whether you’re pedaling, running, golfing, hiking, fishing or paddling, Eye Pieces of Vail has a wide variety of styles for every sport.

“People often use the same sunglasses for everything and think it is just fine, but you can find a lens tint or prescription option that is made specifically for your sport, so why not go down that road?” says Brent Parker, Eye Pieces distribution manager and Bridge Street store manager.

Eye active wear has really dialed in its focus in recent years, and sport-specific sunglasses make it easy to stay at the top of your game. The Bridge Street Eye Pieces Vail store (by Gondola One) in Vail Village, is known for a smart mix of sport and fashion pieces.

Parker says Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar and TAG Heuer are the top four eyewear brands in Eye Pieces for sports sunglasses, in both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

You can get really specific for your sport with brands like Oakley, for instance.

“Oakley probably has the most options as far as lens tints and prescription options,” shares Parker.

Their top-tier technology has designed a pair of sunglasses with rose lenses that makes it easier for a golfer to see a golf ball, and they even have come out with a golf-specific progressive lens.

“That progressive lens will help golfers see the green when they are trying to hit, and then allow them to focus on the intermediate distance where their ball is on the swing, and also gives them close up clarity while reading their scorecard,” he explains.

Oakley makes sports-specific sunglasses for road biking and fishing, too, as well as different lenses for baseball infielders and outfielders.

For water sports and leisure time, Parker likes the Costa del Mar polarized and color enhancing lenses.

“Polarization is basically a filter that is put on a lens that blocks that first layer of glare, so it cuts through the glare on the top layer of the water so you can see through it, which is perfect for fishing,” he says. “It’s a feature that’s also great for road biking, when your eyes need protection from the glare on the asphalt.”

However many miles you clock or holes you par this summer, know that protecting your eyes with style helps them stay strong for you and your sport.